Denver’s Greatest Sports Moments

Colorado has witnessed an enthralling number of sporting events that have left fans cheering, crying, and most importantly, celebrating. Here, we relive some of the greatest moments in Denver sports history that have forever etched their mark in our hearts.

1. CU Buffs versus Nebraska, Oct 25, 1986

In a match-up against No.3 Nebraska, CU Buffs dramatically ended a 17-year losing streak with a 20-10 victory. This incredible win marked the beginning of the Buffs’ golden era which saw them clinch the national championship four years later.

2. The Arrival of the Final Four, Mar 31, 1990

1990 saw Denver house the Final Four of the NCAA Tournament for the first time. This unforgettable tournament featured Larry Johnson and Tark the Shark’s Runnin’ Rebs from Las Vegas, who eventually defeated Duke for the championship in the McNichols Sports Arena.

3. Nuggets versus Sonics, May 7, 1994

Completed by Robert Pack and Brian Williams’ exceptional performances, the Nuggets’ victory against Sonics in the opening round of the NBA playoffs is considered one of the most thrilling comebacks in NBA history.

4. Peaks and Plains of CU Buff’s and Kansas State’s Rivalry, Nov 18, 1995

Kansas State’s competitive rivalry with the CU Buffs was sparked in this nail-biting close confrontation, with the Buffs emerging victorious 27-17 in the Cotton Bowl.

5. Broncos versus Packers, Super Bowl, Jan 25, 1998

The Broncos etched history by bagging their first-ever Super Bowl victory beating the Packers 31-24. Broncos’ first winning moment in the Super Bowl remains one of the most cherished in Denver sports history.

6. Avalanche’s Triumph in Stanley Cup Final, June 9, 2001

In a thrilling performance by the Avalanche against the Devils, Colorado witnessed the historic moment of Ray Bourque lifting the Stanley Cup over his head, marking a win for Avalanche in game 7 of the 2001 Stanley Cup Finals.

7. Oklahoma State versus Oklahoma, Dec 6, 2014

This game saw one of the rarest occasions of a walk-off victory in football history when OSU, behind true freshman quarterback Mason Rudolph, overcame a seven-point deficit and secured a victory against Oklahoma.

8. Nuggets and the Historic NBA Playoffs, May 3, 2019

The game holds the honor of being only the second four-overtime playoff in the NBA history. It was Nuggets’ all-pro edge rusher Von Miller whose 2.5 incredible sacks led Denver to a glorious victory.

9. CU Buffs versus Nebraska, Sep 7, 2019

A memorable game that witnessed CU Buffs turning a 17-0 deficit into a 34-31 victory marks one of the greatest moments in Denver’s sports history.

We have a storied history in Denver, showcasing our relentless spirit, incredible comebacks, and epic wins. Here’s to many more unforgettable moments in Denver sports!