Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour dazzles on night one in Denver



Title: A Night to Remember: Taylor Swift’s “Eras Tour” First Night in Denver


Denver has always been a city known for its love of life and music. This love was never more evident than during the first night of Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour on July 14, 2023. From the moment the lights dimmed to the final notes fading into the night, the atmosphere was electric with excitement and anticipation.

The attendees, some 70,000 in number, descended on Empower Field at Mile High, a fitting place to kick off the first of two dates. The crowd was an array of sparkling lights, each person clutching their phone and singing along to the lyrics of Taylor Swift’s discography played throughout the night.

Opening the show saw performances by Gracie Abrams and MUNA, setting the stage for Swift’s explosive entry. Opening with “Miss Americana & the Heartbreak Prince,” Swift embarked on a journey through time, each successive song representing a different era of her music. Her dedication to detail was evident in not only her song choices, but the outfit and visual elements that accompanied each song.

Throughout the night, Swift gracefully tackled staples from her discography, from the pop anthems like “Shake It Off” to quieter, character-driven songs like “Betty.” It was an intimate, reflective journey through Swift’s 17-year career. She talked about her introspection during the pandemic, her new ways of writing, and her excitement at being back on tour.

Swift’s audience was not there just as spectators, but as participants. They cheered for her, sang with her, and matched her energy and enthusiasm every step of the way. Swift expressed her gratitude to the gathered mass, describing them as the “most buoyant and bouncy crowd imaginable.”

Over the span of three and a half hours, Swift painted a cinematic picture, twirling gracefully across a massive LED screen, dazzling the audience with her showmanship and her words.

This tour is Swift’s reaction to the last years of the pandemic and her taking inventory of her songwriting. Displaying each era of her career one by one is a unique and distinctive attempt to look back on her career. Swift’s feeling of sentimentality and vulnerability matched with the audience’s positivity and excitement created a unique, warm atmosphere that few concerts can achieve.

As the concert wrapped with “Karma,” Swift’s talent, discipline, and cinematic flair outshone any pyrotechnics. It’s not the confetti blasts or the fireworks that left the most lasting impression but the echoes of her voice and the memories that were created.

Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour in Denver was more than just a concert; it was a celebration both of music and of shared moments. It was, above all, a testament to Swift’s enduring talent and her deep connection with her fans. As Denver fans left the venue, they carried with them not just the memories of a great concert, but also a quiet pride at having been part of a truly special night.


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