Exploring Denver: Attractions from Mile High to Red Rocks



# Visiting Denver: A Guide to the Mile-High City

Denver, the state capital of Colorado, is an alluring anomaly that blends modernity with the untamed beauty of the wild west. It’s a city that enjoys 300 sunny days a year, more than most US cities, making it a paradise for lovers of outdoor activities. Denver is referred to as the ‘Mile-High City’ because of its official elevation, which is exactly one mile above sea level, making it one of the highest major cities in the United States. Here are some of the attractions you should add to your itinerary when visiting Denver:

1. **Empower Field at Mile High**: Home to the Denver Broncos. This stadium has a capacity of 76,125 and is known for hosting exceptional concerts and events like the unforgettable Taylor Swift concerts. Experiencing a live event here should definitely be on your list.

2. **Red Rocks Amphitheatre**: An open-air amphitheatre situated within Red Rocks Park, surrounded by majestic 300-foot red sandstone rocks. Widely known for its incredible acoustic qualities, it is a favorite of many international music acts.

3. **Denver Art Museum**: Known for its collection of American Indian Art and over 70,000 diverse works from across the centuries and world. It’s a place of creativity, inspiration, and contemplation.

4. **Denver Botanic Gardens**: Spread across 23 lush acres, this garden comprises a conservatory, various theme gardens, and a sunken amphitheater that hosts summer concert series.

5. **16th Street Mall**: Designed by famous architect I.M. Pei, this mile-long promenade is located in downtown Denver and is home to over 50 restaurants, 300 stores, and 12 movie theaters.

6. **Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey**: Colorado’s first legal distillery since prohibition. Offers interesting tours where you can witness first-hand how Stranahan’s is made from barley to the bottle.

7. **Larimer Square**: The city’s oldest block, home to an array of chef-owned restaurants, clubs, and one-of-a-kind boutiques. It’s also the hub of the city’s dining and nightlife.

Remember, Denver’s high altitude and dry climate can affect you in unexpected ways like dehydration and sunburn, so drink plenty of water and use sunscreen. Enjoy your visit to this eclectic, vibrant, and growing city, where the sun is always shining, and new adventures await you at every corner.


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