Denver’s Economy Boosted by $140M from Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour



This blog talks about the economic impact of Taylor Swift’s two-night Eras Tour in Denver. Taylor’s concerts, scheduled at Empower Field at Mile High, are estimated to contribute $140 million to Colorado’s gross domestic product. Fans’ spending, inside and outside the stadium, is projected to exceed $200 million.

Around 75,000 attendees are expected for both shows, and an average spend of $1,327 per concertgoer is forecasted on tickets, travel, lodging, food, and merchandise. In total, ticket sales for Swift’s Denver concerts are estimated to be around $38 million, equivalent to 63% of tickets sold at Red Rocks in 2022.

The massive influx of fans has temporary effects on the city’s operations, including increased public transit service and businesses offering Swift-themed menu items or services. Governor Jared Polis wrote a welcome letter, “Jared’s Version,” expressing his excitement for Swift’s visit to Denver.

Unfortunately, there are also warnings about scammers looking to capitalize on the event. However, in general, the event is anticipated to benefit local economies and contribute significant revenue.

Throughout its 52-night, 20-city schedule across the U.S., the tour is predicted to generate $4.6 billion for local economies.


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