24-Hour Help/Crisis



Denver possesses a robust 24-hour help/crisis network, designed to support individuals encountering a variety of challenges. Regardless of the hour, a resourceful team is available to offer guidance and assistance.

Whether you’re a Denver resident grappling with relationship or family difficulties, substance abuse issues, or emotional and mental health challenges, there’s a supportive environment here to back you up. Comprising of a dynamic blend of professional counselors, therapists, social workers, and volunteers, it ensures to extend care round-the-clock.

The confidential, toll-free crisis line, accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, works towards offering immediate help to those in need, right here in Denver. Through this line, individuals can speak directly with a trained counselor or volunteer who can provide immediate support or connect them to community resources as required.

In addition to this, Denver also offers a variety of support groups, outreach programs, and resources for individuals facing domestic violence or homelessness, aiming to provide a safety net to those in crisis.

24-hour help/crisis services are not limited to adult residents alone. Denver fervently supports its youth through multiple initiatives – from dedicated helplines to youth diversion programs, all dedicatedly designed to put the city’s younger inhabitants on a positive path.

In essence, when crisis strikes, Denver reaches out with a supportive hand. Day or night, the dedicated Denver team stands ready to offer help and hope for those struggling. For additional information, you can always visit our contact page or dial our toll-free number for immediate assistance.


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