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Denver is the capital of the US state of Colorado and is located at 1600 metres above sea level, on a sunny high plateau on the edge of the Rocky Mountains. A number of brave pioneers once believed that Denver would be an ideal centre of trade and despite Indian hostilities and various other hazards, they decided to build a town in this region. The 16th Street Mall is the city’s pride. Inaugurated in 1982, it is a splendid avenue that boasts the longest pedestrianised area in the USA Trees, fountains and sculptures adorn the street as well as horses and carriages. On Arapahoe Street, close to 16th Street ,is the Daniels And Fisher Tower. In 1911, William Cooke Daniels ordered the construction of a bell tower above his shop. It resembled the Campanile of Venice and was designed to create a good degree of southern charm. Denver became a boomtown when the railroad arrived in 1870. The Native Indians were forced to make way for those arriving by railroad and who were attracted by the possibility of making an easy buck. This once lively village has now developed into a modern city and the former trading arenas for fur, gold and silver have now been replaced by a skyline of glittering skyscrapers!

denver colorado

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