United Flight Hits Severe Turbulance / Dozens Injured / Lands at Denver’s DIA

admin July 21, 2010 0

A United Flight hit severe turbulence and made an unscheduled landing at DIA at about 745 pm mountain.

Denver Fire Rescue and Rural Metro Fire Rescue have begin transporting the injured to local hospitals.

Several have been or are on their way to Denver General which is a Level 1 trauma center. In addition, 2 have been transported to St. Joe’s, 2 to St. Anthony, and at least 4 to University Hospital.

More updates to come.

Updated 8:43 Mountain
—- 16 patients have been transported.

Updated 8:44 Mountain
—- Gate B37 for on scene updates if you are at DIA.
United Flight Hits Turbulance

Updated 8:45 Mountain
—- 20 patients on their way

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