Spring Skiing and Snowboarding in Colorado

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Winter is the most popular time of year to hit the slopes in Colorado or anywhere else. That is when the snow conditions are the best, right? This blog post will let you in on a little known secret that Denverites have known for years.


Should you go skiing in the winter? Denver natives know better. As experts of the slopes due to their close proximity to the ski resorts, Denver natives have it all figured out as to when it comes to when skiing and snowboarding are best enjoyed. Take it from the natives who are up and down the slopes anytime they please – winter might actually be the worst time to go skiing or snowboarding! Why? Keep reading…


Winter may seem like the ideal time to play in the snow, but think again. The conditions are actually best in the spring from March through May. Not only are the crowds less (except during Spring Break at the end of March) but the snow is also silky smooth and ready for a great boarding or skiing experience. Weather is warmer in the spring months and it makes for a smoother, more comfortable ride. There is no other time more pleasant to enjoy skiing or snowboarding in Colorado than in the spring.


Also, consider this: The prices of everything are far less for springtime skiing or snowboarding. Lift ticket prices are slashed, lodging costs less, shopping is cheaper because retailers are trying to clear out winter inventory, and even the prices at restaurants are less! What better time to take to the slopes than in the spring? Avoid the crowds, save some money, and stay warm under the spring sun while gliding over smooth powder.


Next time you are planning a ski trip, remember to consider doing it in the spring. If you don’t like crowds, you will appreciate the peaceful ambiance of the Colorado slopes in the spring months.You also won’t freeze and you will save heaps of money on lift tickets and lodging. This might allow you to sneak in another trip or two (skiing or otherwise) due to the money you save! Get more vacations for the same amount of money. Who knew? Colorado is full of surprises.


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