Live Industrial Music Returns to Denver

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16 Volt and Chemlab

Denver has always had a strong subculture when it comes to Industrial Music, but the scene itself has been changing for awhile now heading more toward the EBM and Electronic styles, and quite frankly becoming a bit “frou-frou.”  That will all change this Friday Night as the Legendary 16 Volt and Chemlab will grace us with their own style that reminds Denver what Industrial is all about.  This is the type of music that gets deep in your soul and makes you work out all of your aggression on a dance floor.   What’s even better about the show is that they will be bringing Canadian Cyber-Punk Band Left Spine Down with Denver favorites Torso opening the night to make sure everyone’s blood gets pumping.

This will truly be a show to help Denver kick off a great music season, and it’s one not to be missed.  Even if you have never heard of these bands, it will be an incredible show that you will be talking about for quite awhile.  Although 16 Volt started as far back as 1991, they have seen amazing recent growth with the release of their latest album “American Porn Songs” in September of 2009.  They have even garnered attention from well known musicians that provide support and guest appearances such as Steve White (KMFDM/Pig), Joseph Bishara (REPO!/Danzig), Jeremy Inkel (Front Line Assembly) Tim Skold (Marylin Manson/MDFMK), Marc LaCorte (Powerman 5000/), and many other names.

This tour kicked off in Vancouver in Early April and will include an impressive 34 Shows in a little less than 2 Months.  They have always had a penchant for working the road as hard as possible, and yet again, they are laying it all on the table.  The Denver show will be held at the Hi Dive (which has been a great live music venue for many, many years) for just $10 if you purchase in advance, or $12 if get them at the door.  If you would like to purchase Pre-Sale Tickets, stop by Fashion Nation at 613 E. 13th Avenue in Denver, or you can purchase them directly from the Hi Dive Website at


2010 North American Midi Ghetto Tour

16 Volt and Chemlab
Special Guests: Left Spine Down and Denver’s Own Torso

Friday, May 28, 2010
Doors: 8:00PM
The Hi Dive
7 South Broadway
Denver, CO  80209
Phone: 720.570.4500

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