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Denver is located in the South Plate River Valley, just 15 miles away from the Rocky Mountains. It is the capitol and most populous city in the state of Colorado. Also known as the Mile High City, it elevates 1 mile above the sea level, and that makes its weather very special, especially for visitors who have allergies (very little pollen).

Denver welcomes thousands of visitors each year. The reason behind this is the sense of adventure, abundance of activities, and fun lifestyle that Denver has. Denver boasts everything from restaurants, hotels, and cafés to museums, amusement parks, and zoos.

Denver doesn’t only attract tourists from all around the world. Many Americans consider living in Denver because of the many things it has to offer to them and their families from the great transportation system and the spectacular higher education institutions to the sports facilities and more. Speaking of sports, Denver is among few cities in the US that has 8 professional teams in football, baseball, basketball, hockey, lacrosse, soccer, arena soccer, and arena football.

Whether you’re visiting Denver for a business trip or just as a tourist, you’ll find that this city has a lot to offer. Just make sure you have a Denver guide or talk to a local so you don’t miss anything interesting.

The attractions in Denver fit all the demands of every type of person. If you are a fan of history and museums, then historical buildings like the Colorado State Capitol and Denver Mint as well as many entertaining and educational museums like the Denver Museum of Nature & Science are great places to visit. The abundance of Denver parks are excellent for a stroll to enjoy the Denver weather. As Denver carries a special interest in sports, you can enjoy watching some NBA or MLB games if you are a sports fan.

Many people come to this city not only seeking fun, but sometimes looking for business opportunities. If you happen to visit Denver, just go to its Economic Center and you’ll find whatever you want. Also, don’t miss the Colorado Convention Center in downtown Denver; there you’ll find many important events and meetings.

So whether you want to take your family for a vacation or you’re just there for a business trip, make sure to take time to visit Denver’s best places.

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