Waterfalls in Colorado

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Do you like hiking?  If so, you might want to take a look at some of the waterfalls in Colorado.  The waterfalls make great hiking destinations and allow you to see lots of great scenery as you make your way to the falls.   You may have to pay a fee to visit some of the waterfalls, but many are free.

Here are some of the favorite falls that are located in Colorado:

  • Lake Irwin Waterfalls.  Lake Irwin Waterfalls are located outside of Lake Irwin.  There’s no fees to see these falls and the hike is easy.  It takes just minutes to get to the first waterfall.  The second fall is just around the corner from the first one.
  • Fish Creek Falls.  This waterfall is located on Fish Creek Falls Road just outside of Steamboat Springs.  The best thing about this waterfall is that it is easy to get to.  If you have children in strollers, you might want to take the paved road.  If you are daring, you might want to take the other path to the falls.  The entrance fee to see these falls are $5 per day.  There are bathroom facilities as well and you can also bring you dog!  This is probably why Fish Creek Falls are one of the most popular waterfalls in Colorado.
  • Rifle Falls.  Rifle falls is actually three separate waterfalls!  It takes about a 5 minute walk to get to the falls and the path is easy to hike.  There are also restroom facilities at the park.  In addition, there are several picnic tables along the path for visitors to use.  Pack a lunch and enjoy the day outside!  It costs $7 for a daily park pass to get into this park.
  • St. Mary’s Falls.  The hike to the falls is about 2 ½ miles one way.  It is moderately challenging to hike the path so you can expect the whole trip to take several hours.  There are no entrance fees either to see these falls.
  • Hays Creek Falls.  These falls are located just outside of Redstone, Colorado and there is no entrance fees in order to get in to see the falls..  It is a short hike to the falls, but the trail is pretty bumpy and uneven. Because of that, you might not want to hike with small children who could easily lose their footing and get hurt.

Of course, these are just a few of the many beautiful waterfalls that you can visit in Colorado.  I’ve purposely listed the falls that are easy to get to; however, there are plenty of hikes which could be considered moderately difficult.  If you are an experienced hiker or enjoy hiking long distances, you might want to check out some of these waterfall paths too at http://www.colorado-hiking-vacations.com

While choosing the difficulty level of your hike, consider the number of people in your group as well as their overall fitness levels.  If you have young children, are out of shape, or you have children that will be in baby backpacks during the hike, you might want to consider the easy and short hiking trails to get to the falls.  Otherwise, you might want to challenge yourself and hike a moderately difficult trail.  The waterfall at the end of the hike will make all your efforts worthwhile!

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