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The historic town of Grand Lake, Colorado, takes its name from the eponymous lake on the shores of which it was built. At 400 feet maximum depth, Grand Lake is the largest and the deepest body of water in the state of Colorado, and it’s also the headwaters of the Colorado River.

The town of Grand Lake was established in 1881, and was originally meant to be a supply point for the nearby miner settlements of Lulu City, Teller City and Gaskill. At about 450 inhabitants, Grand Lake has become today an important touristic destination for people that want to visit the neighboring Rocky Mountains National Park or the beautiful Grand Lake.

Grand Lake is a yearlong touristic destination. During the summer months, the lake is full of yachts and other small boats, as well as water skiers and anglers. In fact, the town of Grand Lake boasts the highest altitude yacht club and marina in the nation, at 8437 feet. Another summer time attraction of Grand Lake is the beautiful golf course, which is the highest elevation course in the country. Golf amateurs travel great distances to be able to enjoy a quality game at more than 8400 feet.

Grand Lake is also known for its musical theater, the Rocky Mountain Repertoire Theater. The theater produces several musicals and Broadway shows throughout the summer. The quality of the repertoire and the attractive shows have determined many musical fans to add Grand Lake as a favored destination for their holidays.

Grand Lake lies just a few miles of the western edge of the famous Rocky Mountains National Park. Tourists often use Grand Lake as a starting point for their trips in the park. One reason for this is the abundance of lodging spaces available, from intimate family inns, to luxurious establishments. There are plenty of outdoor activities to do in Grand Lake and the neighboring area, from hiking and rock climbing to biking and fishing.

The winter months bring heavy snowfalls in Grand Lake, turning the small mountain town in a marvelous kingdom of ice and snow. Snowmobiles are the preferred mean of locomotion for the residents of Grand Lake during the winter months, and thousands of visitors come to the town to enjoy the snowmobile tracks. To better accommodate snowmobilers, the town leaves its streets packed with snow, and it maintains an extensive network of snowmobile tracks. The Rocky Mountains National Park and the Arapaho National Forest are great destinations for winter activities. You can ski or snowshoe through the snow-laden forests, and admire the abundant wildlife.

The town of Grand Lake and the natural areas around it are a great touristic destination all year round. From golfing and yachting, to skiing and snowshoeing, there always is something interesting to do in Grand Lake, Colorado.

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