The Splendor of Boulder, Colorado

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With an exotic landscape and a reputation as Colorado’s most beautiful community, Boulder occupies the foot of the Rocky Mountains. Blending the warm sunny days with the cooling effect of the sunset, Boulder blends outdoor adventures with urban entertainment. At nightfall, the pageantry of the culture is exhibited along the magnificent streets of Boulder. Boulder is an amalgam of culture, cuisine, historic places, museums, sports, recreation, and more.

Recreation in Boulder is rated number one by Colorado residents. Boulder attracts the world’s runners, mountain climbers, road bicyclists and mountain bikers. Blessed with 45,000 acres of land for hiking and biking and 300 days of sunshine, Boulder is the natural wonder that calls in its tourists and residents to enjoy unending strips of fun. In winter, Boulder is known for its rock climbing and ice climbing, which are considered the best in the country. Skate parks, hot air ballooning, air adventures, golf courses, hot springs, snowshoeing, tubing, camping, and tennis are some of the countless outdoor activities that make Boulder an exciting place to visit and feel the fun.

The restaurants of the Boulder region offer countless cuisines to suit all tastes. From local favorites to foreign surprises, Boulder has numerous cafes, breweries and restaurants that make tourists of all types feel at home. Spas, shopping, museums, galleries, cultural workshops, seminars, art, theatres, and custom tours keep tourists active through the day. Banjo Billy’s Bus Tours, Barnes and Noble, Boulder Creek Path, Boulder Public Library, Boulder Ice Cream, and Clementine Studio are some of the many businesses in Boulder.

A tourist in Boulder can get ahold of a fleet of transportation services that make the visit easier. Taxis, shuttles, buses, group charters, limousines, car shares, and car rentals are readily available transportation services. The region offers many money saving plans to make Boulder more affordable to its tourists.

In 2010 Boulder was awarded the happiest and the healthiest place of the country award. With so many recreational and fun activities all through the season, the foot of the Rocky Mountains can be dubbed as the best place for fun and frolic.

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