Popular Cities and Day Trips Close to Denver

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Denver serves as a base camp for day trips. There are many cities that can be explored. Here are just a few.

Central City and Blackhawk are known as the “richest square mile on earth.” The two cities are just 34 miles from Denver and are old mining towns. The towns date back to the 1870s and has come alive since then. They offer over 30 casinos and over 10,000 slot machines to play. They have blackjack tables and poker games. Their betting limits have been raised to $100 and roulette and craps have been added.

The towns are also known for their Victorian architecture that has been preserved in the West. The Teller House Hotel and the Central City Opera House are great places to see. The opera house is still offering opera.

There are gold mining trips, and mining museums, and other places offering tips on gold panning. More than half a billion dollars has been recovered from the streams.

Georgetown is located 42 miles west of Denver. This town has Victorian flare and it lies in a mountain valley with 200 restored buildings. Some of the old homes have been renovated and turned into antique shops. Operating only in the summer months is the Georgetown Loop Railroad. The narrow gauge locomotive meanders down a mountain ledge and at one point it goes over a 90 ft high trestle.

The highest paved road that goes to a 14,260 ft. summit is located in Mount Evans. The road is open from the first Friday before Memorial Day to the first Monday in October. There is a $10 fee to use the mountain road. The view from the top is gorgeous and it allows one to see the entire Denver Front Range. There is snow on the top even in August. It is 60 miles from downtown Denver. When you go up the mountain road, stop by the M. Walter Pesman Trail. Here you will find beautiful wild flowers that you will find nowhere else. There are also 1500-year-old bristlecone pine trees that are not found anywhere else in the world. The trails wind through the sub-alpine and alpine area where the wildflowers and animals live in the fragile tundra here.

Located 60 miles south of Denver is Pikes Peak. It features 40 attractions. They are all located around the 14,000 ft. Pikes Peak. One of the features of this area is the Air Force Academy, one of three colleges for the military in the US. The Broadmoor Resort that is famous for its three golf courses and lake is in the Pikes Peak region as well. Garden of Gods, which has gorgeous 500 ft. high red sandstone rock monuments, is at the base of Pikes Peak and the Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame.

These are just a few of the surrounding towns that you can see and explore.


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