New Baby Animals at the Denver Zoo

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This Zoo has over 700 species and more than 4000 animals representing them. This is a large Zoo, with many shows and events. They even have a teenager career seminar.

Denver Zoo Asian tropical environment is still under creation, but its first inhabitant new future just display up. At 3 years, women Malayan tapir Rinny title came to Seattle Woodland Park Zoo. Denver Zoo is currently dwelling to a tapir, a 4-year-old Benny. To its new home are prepared Rinny guests can glimpse the zoos Pachyderm Building?

The third Giraffe joins the Denver zoo family this 2010:

Possum is not a giraffe in the enclosure! Third giraffe calf has born 2010, the opossum; feminine, born Oct. 7 joins the Denver zoo family. Possum Cricket associated to women (April 14) and men Nitro (July 25) as new entrants to the giraffe in the yard.


As Halloween comes nearer, the Denver Zoo is emerging dragons! Komodo dragons, that is. Four eggs have already hatched and four other ones stay in an incubator. Hatchlings began to emerge from their seashells a week ago.

This is a very significant happening that Denver Zoo is only the second zoo in America dragons to hatch this year and the only zoo in the world of dragons to hatch at three distinct times, said Denver Zoo guy, Rick Haeffner, the curator of reptiles and fish. Denver Zoo is dedicated to being a foremost in captive administration and breeding of this magnificent monster lizard endangered.”

RARE HATCHLINGS are welcomed by the Denver Zoo:

Caiman lizards in Denver zoo crawling in Tropical breakthrough exhibit. They were born on September 22nd and 23rd October but Sex is not yet renowned. Their jaws are so powerful that they can open the second, hard seashells that can withstand the jaws of diverse other predators. Their teeth and tongue are too focused to handle the broken pieces of case in his mouth while keeping the genuine snail inside the mouth to eat.


Denver Zoo four endangered species, the Amur tiger cubs was a breath of new air on Monday as they explored their outdoor dwelling environment for the first time.


Greetings to the baby giraffe was born July 25, at home giraffe. Masika has granted birth to a male giraffe; named Nitro at 10:01 Zookeepers analyzed the progeny and said that it had very good health. Nitro has been discovered in nursing and the mother and the young man appears to be bonding well. Nitro heaviness was about 150 pounds and a height of about 6 meters. Dikembe, 16, is the dad of a baby giraffe.

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