Indian Hot Springs Resort

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Indian hot springs were first mentioned in a book published in 1918, although surely local Indians and gold seekers knew of the springs before that time.

About 100 years ago, a hotel was built near the springs to provide accommodations for visitors.  Since that time, many famous and not so famous people have visited including Frank and Jessie James, Walt Whitman, Clint Eastwood, and John Denver.  Guests can either stay at the Main Resort Building, The Inn, or The Lodge.  Guests can also stay at cabins or at the campground.

Rooms at the Main Resort Building start at $63 per night plus tax;  Inn room prices start at $78 per night and Lodge room start at $88 per night.  Cabins are perfect for families and  cost about $119 per night. Cabins also have a full service kitchen.

Guests that are staying at the Main Resort, the Lodge, the Inn, or a cabin can swim in the mineral pool and receive discounts on hot mineral baths and massages.  There is an additional $15 charge per night for guests staying on a Friday, Saturday, or holiday.

Campsites are also available at the campground.  Campers receive discounts toward the baths and the pool.  A campsite for 2 people costs $24 and each additional person is an additional $6.  There are no reservations for the campground.  Sites are given on a first come first serve basis.

Visitors to the springs can also soak in the geo-thermal caves.  These caves were created around the start of the 1900’s and have separate facilities for men and women.  The mineral water in the walk in hot tubs ranges from 104 to 112 degrees.  The caves are open year round from 7:30 am to 10:30pm; children under 16 are not allowed in the caves.  Entrance to the caves costs $18.00 per person Monday through Thursday and $20.00 on holidays, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Guests can also enjoy the scenery of the great outdoors while soaking in warm mineral water in a Jacuzzi.  Advance reservations are required.  Guests can soak for $21.50 an hour Monday through Thursday and $23.50 on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and holidays.

There are also 11 private rooms each with a single tub filled with hot mineral water. These rooms are equipped with a shower, a bench, and a timer.  They are reserved in advance in one hour periods.  The baths are $18 per person per hour from Monday through Thursday.  On holidays, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, the baths cost $20 per person per hour.

Guests can also swim in the mineral pool or go to “Club Mud.” Guests at the club can use the mineral mud to remove toxins and open up their pores.

For more information on the hot springs or accommodations at the hot springs, you can go to or call 303-989-6666.

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