Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park

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Situated at Glenwood Springs, Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park is a famous tourist attraction in the state of Colorado. It offers various exciting and amazing activities that appeal to visitors of all walks of life. The park offers a 70-minute walking tour appropriate for all ages.

One of the famous attractions at the Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park is the Glenwood Caverns, which can be reached by a 1,300-m cable car ride, taking visitors to the peak of the Iron Mountain. This well-lit extensive cave system features well-maintained walkways with safety hand railings, yet it does not have a wheelchair access or elevator. The Cave Tour includes 127 stairs and is about 800 m in length. With a help of an experienced guide, visitors will learn about the geology, legends and history of the biggest show cave in the state.

Ranked as one of the top 10 places to go underground by the USA Today, Glenwood Caverns boasts a great formation. A walking tour of Historic Fairy Caves and Glenwood Caverns will take visitors through the caverns’ sections and out onto the Exclamation Point – a cliffside balcony with excellent views of the Colorado River and Glenwood Canyon. Journey down the mountain and you will be amazed by Colorado’s decorated cave room – the King’s Row. Thrill seekers will also enjoy an extreme caving adventure with the wild two-hour guided tour, taking them deep into rarely seen areas of the cave.

Aside from the cave tours, an outdoor recreation complex can be found on the peak of the mountain with remarkable gravity-powered rides, children’s activities including geode cutting and sluice box, and other thrill rides. The rides include the Alpine Coaster, racing you down 3,400 ft until you slowly come to a stop. With the giant canyon swing, visitors will enjoy a screaming ride soaring 1,300 ft above the Giant Canyon Swing. For adrenaline junkies who love extreme adventure, bungee jumping can be the thrill of their lifetime.

There is also an observation deck that offers a stunning view of the Colorado River valleys and Roaring Fork, as well as a mountain-top restaurant. Another fun attraction at Glenwood Caverns is a 4D motion theater with surround sound, special effects and moving seats. The theater features three movies combining digital animation and thrill ride action. There is also a 32-ft climbing wall with five routes of different difficulty.

Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park also offers various events that add up to the fun and excitement. Parties and concerts are held to kick off the summer season.

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