Fair Winds Hot Air Balloon Rides

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Taking a hot air balloon ride is one way to create lifelong memories.  With each hot air balloon ride you take with Fair Winds, you will receive champagne or sparkling cider, an official Fair Winds t-shirt, a deluxe continental breakfast, an official Fair Winds balloon pin, a frameable flight certificate with a personalized photo and much more.

When you embark on one of these awesome hot air balloon rides you will get to experience the spectacular views of the Rocky Mountains over Boulder, Colorado.  They offer flights year around, weather permitting, with changing scenery according to the season the flight is taken.  You will get to see mountain ranges, plains, and wildlife.

Fair Winds offers private parties, accommodates large groups, and does promotional and instructional flights.  Because of the uncertain climatic conditions along the Front Range area of the Rocky Mountains hot air balloon flights can only be done in the early morning.  Their launch times vary according to the season.

Guests are encouraged to participate both in the inflation and deflation of the hot air balloon, which adds to the hot air ballooning experience.  When you arrive at the place where the hot air balloon is going to take off, you and your party will be treated to a full continental breakfast.  When you get back, you will receive either the bottle of champagne or sparkling cider plus the other gifts.

Although the actual flight time is only one and a half hours, Fair Winds asks that you figure three and a half hours for the whole adventure, including the continental breakfast.  All of Fair Winds pilots are FAA credited commercial pilots and flight instructors.  Each one has impeccable safety records.  The company is fully insured but each guest has to sign a wavier in order to fulfill their insurance requirement.

When you come to take a ride in the hot air balloon, make sure that you dress comfortable and casually with sneakers or low heeled shoes.  Due to the varying temperatures, it is suggested that you dress in layers, and for winter flights, they suggest warm/dry foot ware.  Do not forget your camera or video camera to capture all the beautiful scenery and wildlife you might see on your hot air balloon trip.

If, due to inclement weather and your flight has to be canceled, Fair Winds will happily reschedule your flight for the next flight date if you request it.

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