Downhill Mountain Biking Tours

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Wilderness Aware Rafting Company is one of Colorado’s most boasted tour companies, established 1976. It specializes in ½ to 10-day tours. The company hosts white water rafting trips, kayaking adventures, thrilling downhill mountain biking, jeep tours and much more.

Experiencing the riverside of 17-acre land along the Rocky Mountains is an exceptional memory. There are a number of recreational activities that are scheduled at different times and for different costs.

One of the activities is the Downhill Mountain Biking tours near Buena Vista, Colorado. The trip is a combined tour for families and groups along the Rocky Mountains with the escort of an experienced guide. Fun along the trip (apart from the biking) includes views of the beautiful Arkansas River Valley. The valley is inhabited by gigantic 14,000 foot tall peaks as the course of the trip winds around the Aspen Groves and high mountain pine forests.

The downhill biking tours are conducted with extreme safety measures by the Wilderness Aware Rafting Company. The bikes are size appropriate state-of-the-art Trek mountain bikes. A helmet, biking gloves, front suspension, and mechanical disc brakes are all added as extra protection for the bikers. The guides are well-atrained bikers who move along with the bikers and offer immediate first aid in case of an emergency.

All bikers have a choice in the trail they wish to ride. It is between the downhill dirt road ride on the historic and scenic old Colorado Midland Railroad grade or the downhill paved road option descending from the 12, 126’ summit of Cottonwood Pass on the Continental divide. The two trails have unique biking experiences. The former is a quiet mountain terrain with slow speed and more technical manoeuvring. The latter is the faster paced paved road along the Continental Divide.

Bikers who are interested should meet at the Wilderness Aware Headquarters in Buena Vista, Colorado, to get the directions and a guide for support. The trips run on a daily basis from mid May to August 28th with everyday being a half-day trip. The mileage is a choice of the biker. The trips are categorized as beginner and moderate starting from 8:00 am to 12:30 pm. The price includes $65 for adults and $52 for children. The downhill mountain biking tours are family tours with a relaxed free breakfast before biking along the beautiful Rocky Mountains.

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