Don’t Miss the Historic Fort Logan When Visiting Colorado

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Fort Logan is a national cemetery, located in Denver, CO named after General John Logan of the Union forces, who led the US forces in the American Civil War. The cemetery spans over an area of 214 acres, built in 1887, and it was used until 1960. The cemetery houses thousands of soldiers and war heroes, and holds a great history of our country’s past. There are many Medal of Honor recipients and notable soldiers and regular people buried in this historical place.

As time has passed, there was a lot of construction done alongside the cemetery, which now has the amazing tourist spot we know as Historic Fort Logan. You can see field officers’ residential quarters, along with many other historical places, which hold a lot of history for our nation. All of this is a must see for any local and especially people traveling to Denver, Colorado. The Historic Fort Logan is an epitome of our culture and heritage, and all the people who made it possible for us to even be here today.

There is a museum now built at the site of the Historic Fort Logan, which portrays a lot of stuff from the war, including guns, clothes, and many other belongings of the soldiers, generals, and other people involved in war. The museum is open all week and holds a lot of amazing events all year long, which cannot be missed by anyone who loves to go down the memory lane and have some fun.

Some special events that you can look forward to, if you are planning to take a trip to the Historic Fort Logan, include the December 4th Victorian Christmas Party for the members, and the members dinner party on the 4th of March the following year. There are many other events taking place on a weekly and monthly basis, so you will never be left out.

However, if you are about to go down to the Historic Fort Logan within the week, you will be able to catch an exhibition, which is showing some famous stuff used in the war, such as the uniforms, the war balloons, etc. You will also be given guided tours through the quarters, the kitchens, the cemetery, and all over the Historic Fort Logan.

So, plan your weekend now, and make sure that you keep Historic Fort Logan as a priority, and I can assure you that your trip will be filled with excitement.

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