Denver Zoo: A World of Fun

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Denver zoo is located in 23rd avenue, in downtown Denver. The zoo housed nearly 4,000 animals that amazes many visitors all throughout the year. Visitors can see exotic animals like king cobras, vampire bats, black rhinos, elephants, zebras, and more. It covers 80 acres of the City Park.

The Primate Panorama is the main accommodation for apes and other primates. This is where they can play and roam around freely. Monkeys, gorillas, and orangutans share their stories and life in this part of the zoo. Next to Primate Panorama, is the Bird World where many rare and endangered feathered animals are placed. Visitors can see vulture, African vulture, African penguins, sea eagle, and Eurasian eagle owls.

The Predator Ridge uniquely represents the African Savanna where lions, hyenas and African wild dogs enjoy natural habitat like they had in the wild. The Pachyderm Habitat is the section where you can see elephants, rhinos, hippos, and Malayan tapir. In the northern section of the zoo, you will find The Wolf Pack Woods, where gray wolves are housed.

Various tropical mammals, amphibians and reptiles, and numerous aquaria are situated in the section called Tropical Discovery. Fishes and herps can be found here. In the center of the zoo, mostly are hoofed animals like zebras, giraffes, Bactrian and dromedary camels, bison, mishmi takin, okapi, Cape buffalo, deer, and more. However, the Sheep Mountain is in the Northeast section.

Fruit–bearing trees, ornamental grasses like the 10-foot high giant reed grass make a lovely addition to the zoo’s ambiance. It feels like you are in the jungle inside the city.

The zoo is open everyday. No smoking is allowed inside the zoo, but you may do so outside. You may bring your picnics in the zoo and enjoy eating it in the designated areas. There are restaurants as well that offer good food. Parking is free.

The Denver Zoo is an amazing world of animals that offers programs that are contributing to the long-term survival of the animals and a better understanding of their nature and species. Enjoy an amazing trip to the zoo. Your tour will be full of educational opportunities. It includes wildlife show, wild encounters, Penguin feeding, red river hog feeding, sea lion demonstration, and others.  This is no ordinary trip. The zoo is very nicely landscaped and the animals are very well-fed. The zoo is extremely beautiful. Do not forget to bring sunscreen or hat to protect you from the sun.

They offer group discount for group trips. Children should be accompanied by adults.  This coming Sunday, November 7, and Saturday, November 13, take advantage of the 2010 Denver Zoo free days. Interesting upcoming events that you can look forward to in the zoo includes Boo at the Zoo, during Halloween, and the wonderful Zoo Lights during the evenings of December.

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