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Put on your comfortable walking shoes and take a guided walking tour through downtown Denver, which is provided by Denver Architecture Tours.  While on this tour, through design and architecture, you will explore the history of this western city.  They are committed to provide historically and accurate information.  This means that your tour guide during the Denver Architecture Tours has a formal education in design and/or architecture.

This is to ensure that you have a tour that is not only educational, but also interesting and enjoyable.  Each tour will be different so do not hesitate to ask your guide any questions regarding your particular interests.

This is a two hour guided tour that will cover approximately 2.1 miles and will go through historic downtown Denver.

This tour will cover:

  • The original settlements of Denver
  • Exploration of western history
  • The historic events that changed Denver
  • The dynamic city as it is today
  • Provides a very unique outdoor experience

The tour guide is knowledgeable in regards to current local events and entertainment opportunities.  They can also recommend anything from a great place for breakfast to a local wine shop.  The guide may choose to utilize the free shuttle to make the tour more comfortable.  This option will depend on the weather and the energy of the group.

The tickets are available in advance and there is only one tour a day.  Although the tour is for families, children and even some young adults may get bored with the historical content and with just walking.  Also, some of the historical information will cover brothels so it is up to the parents if they want to take their children on this type of architecture tour.

Since Denver weather is so unpredictable be prepared for anything.  If it is cold, bring a coat and bundle up, and if it looks like rain, make sure that you have something with you that can keep you dry. The tour begins in the plaza between the Denver Art Museum and Denver Public Library at the Mark di Suvero sculpture and end at the 16th Street Mall shuffle, which will take you back downtown to where the tour started.

If your dog is comfortable in crowds in the city and with children, you may bring your dog, but remember that bringing your pet may prevent you from going into some of the interior spaces and lobbies.  If you are traveling with a tour, you can ask Denver Architecture Tours about a private tour.

If you want to learn about the history of Denver, then taking a walking tour sponsored by Denver Architecture Tours is the way to do it.  Remember to bring your camera.

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