Transportation Systems in Denver

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Because Denver is increasingly considered to be one of the largest and most populous cities in the US, the Denver transportation system is one of the top priorities. Denver has the third worst traffic in the nation and a new transportation system is a solid way to help combat this problem. In the big cities, people usually waste a lot of time and money on transportation.  However, Denver citizens are bring faced with a better option that saves time and money.

Another great example is Denver International Airport. DIA is considered the 5th busiest airport in the US and the 10th in the world with major airport services. DIA is the largest airport (square footage wise) in the United States. Since it opened in 1995, it provides top notch aeronautical services and has been getting very good feedback from patrons and magazines alike. It carries an average of 1500 flights daily to more then 150 US cities and 19 international destinations.

Along with the airport itself, the “Denver International Airport Automated Guideway Transit System” opened that same year (1995.) It acts like a transportation system that operates within the airport and carries people to and from the airport.

What other options do I have?

Depending on the price you intend to spend and the quality you are seeking, Denver offers many local transportation options. One of those options will be  by car, which will take you anywhere you want, but is also the most expensive option due to the rising cost of gas and car upkeep.

If you’re searching for a very comfortable transportation vehicle, then Denver offers limousine services. These services offer real luxury as you’ll be riding like a celebrity! This service will cost you a lot more money compared to other shuttle services.

If you are looking for cheaper option to get around, then you should consider riding RTD buses. Denver actually has a large bus network that covers the entire city. A lot of tourists consider taking buses because they are affordable and also take you anywhere if you have the time and patience to make multiple connections. With this option you can save a lot of effort and money and yet get to every important place located in Denver.

A light rail system is available in downtown Denver and throughout select parts of south Denver and the DTC. There are plans in the works for the light rail to be expanded to north Denver as well, but this  project will take a few years to complete.

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