Top 5 Tourist Attractions in Colorado

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The state of Colorado is filled with both natural and manmade attractions, from breathtaking scenery to wonderful demonstrations of human ingenuity. It is almost sure that, no matter of taste, just about every visitor to the Centennial state will find something of interest in Colorado. Here are five tourist locations that everybody should visit, which are easily accessible from Denver, Colorado:

The Royal Gorge Bridge, located near Cañon City, was built in 1929 and held the record of the highest bridge in the world for more than seven decades, until 2003. The bridge deck hangs at 955 feet (or 291 m) above the Arkansas River, and it still holds the record of being the highest bridge in North America. The breathtaking view which can be admired from its deck makes the bridge one of the most visited tourist attractions in the entire state of Colorado. Tourists who travel to the Royal Gorge can also visit numerous other attractions in the 360 acre theme park built in the vicinity of the bridge.

Tourists coming to the city of Colorado Springs can spend a day wandering in one of the most beautiful public parks in the country, the Garden of the Gods. Established as a public park in 1909, the Garden of the Gods is best known for its peculiar geological formations. Hundreds of red and white sandstone rocks and cliffs form a surreal landscape, which is said to be worthy for the gods themselves. The park is extremely popular with both tourists and residents of Colorado Springs, who come here to enjoy all kinds of outdoor activities from hiking to rock climbing. An open air museum dedicated to the history of Colorado Springs functions near the park, featuring several historical buildings such as a ranch house or a Native American campsite.

Majestically towering just ten miles away from the city of Colorado Springs, the Pikes Peak mountain is a symbol of the strength of the people who built the state of Colorado. In 1858 the gold rush was in full swing, and its slogan was “Pikes Peak or Bust!”. Thousands of miners flocked in the area surrounding the mountain, lured by the promise of striking gold. The peak is designated a National Historic Landmark, as a recognition of the importance played by gold mining to the development of Colorado.

One of the major tourist attractions in Denver, Colorado is the city’s vibrant center. The Downtown is the main financial, commercial and entertainment district of Denver. There is something for everybody here, from shopping malls, to stadiums, theaters and art centers. The trendy lower downtown, or LoDo as it is known, is especially interesting for those who are looking to spend a night out, offering a great variety of restaurants, jazz clubs and cocktail lounges. With its charming streets which come alive at night, the Downtown is one of the greatest Denver, Colorado tourist attractions.

Founded in 1906 by President Theodore Roosevelt, the Mesa Verde National Park holds the distinction of being the first national park to be established in the U.S. It is situated within driving distance from Denver, Colorado, and offers tourists the chance to explore a  fascinating archaeological site. The Ancestral Puebloans who inhabited the area until 1300 AD, left behind some spectacular relics, including 600 dwellings  built in the overhanging cliffs and many other fascinating sites.

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