Places To Go While in Denver, Colorado

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One of the best family vacation destinations is Denver, Colorado. Denver is a perfect mix of adventure, culture and arts, entertainment, shopping, and sports; everything that interests you is here in Denver, Colorado.

If you want to enjoy Denver, Colorado, but you still do not know which places to visit, here are the top places to check out while you are in Denver, Colorado:

Denver Art Museum

For those who love the arts and seek new knowledge, the world famous Denver Art Museum is the place for you.  The museum is strategically located in the heart of Denver in Denver’s Civic Center. It boasts a vast collection of American Indian Art, Asian Art, and Modern Contemporary Art, and other artworks from all parts of the globe. Denver Art Museum has a 68,000 pieces of art from its wide collection that will surely satisfy your thirst to discover new things. The Museum always has temporary exhibits to delight the senses as well.

16th Street Mall

The 16th Street Mall is heaven for those who love to shop and eat. The entire mall is 2 kilometers long and consists of more than 50 restaurants and fast food chains and almost 400 boutiques and specialty shops. The place is not just for shopping addicts; people who love entertainment also enjoy going to the 16th Street Mall because street dancers and concerts are held here occasionally.

Denver Museum of Nature and Science

This museum will surely interest not just children but adults too – especially those who want to learn more about science and nature in an interesting and exciting way. The museum teaches information on the different facts about Colorado in general. Denver Museum of Nature and Science also feature various data about the earth and the universe. Learning is fun, especially for kids because of the different pieces of information presented via IMAX Theater and hands on activities. Your family vacation is not just for leisure, but also a chance to learn new things when you go to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.

Denver Zoo

The zoo is the first one in the United States to utilize enclosures in the animal’s natural habitat rather than putting them in cages. Your children will really know the value of taking care of the environment and animals after experiencing the Denver Zoo.

Denver Botanic Gardens

This beautiful botanical garden is located in the heart of Denver, Colorado. The 23-acre property is for people who love gardening and those who just want to enjoy the beauty of nature. They have different gardens with various themes. During summer, concerts are held to entertain visitors while looking at the gardens. Different plants are also sold for those visitors who are inspired to garden at their own homes. This place is not just for adults because children can enjoy while watching the gardens’ dazzling water features. Although the garden is open all year round, it is most pleasant to walk around in the warmer months. However, a visit to the Denver Botanic Gardens is popular during the Christmas season because the gardens are decorated with shining Christmas lights.


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