Enjoy Your Stay at the Famous Stanley Hotel

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Planning a vacation in Colorado? In search of a unique place lodging experience? Then here is the right place for a vacation: the Stanley Hotel, located one hour from Denver, is the right choice. As the road from the mountain pass winds up to the Estes Valley, 7500 ft above sea level, is the grandeur, which lures you to this amazing hotel.

The Stanley Hotel is listed among America’s most historical hotels and it is a landmark of spectacular landscapes. At dawn, life beams in to the valley and the mountains around making the place heavenly. The guesthouse of 138 rooms in a 16,000 sq ft building hosts events and conferences. The history of the hotel started when the 160-acre land saw the construction of its first buildings by the land owner, F.O. Stanley, in the year 1909.The original building stands among the eleven majestic buildings. The buildings smell lightly of burnt timber, which comes from the wood used in construction felled from the Bear Lake burn.

F.O. Stanley went through the treacherous role of a 30 year long task to promote the hotel. By his time of death, Mr. Stanley promoted the city of Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park, shaping the future for tourism in that area of Colorado. From the year of construction, the hotel has conjured a glorious journey of over 100 years.

The hotel offers a wide range of luxuries to its customers. As the sun rises, the valley’s gleam and from this embracing glory, you can enjoy the service of spa and utilize the free internet connection throughout the hotel or savor a cup of Starbucks coffee. After all this, perhaps you can take a ghost tour around the hotel and its grounds. The historical hotel carries stories by the staff and the visitors about it being haunted. The hotel offers an official ghost tour, through its history in the 1900’s, the haunted rooms and places, the underground tunnel and much more. All this for a ticket of $15 per person and $10 for children between 5 and 10 years. The famous Stanley’s tour is guided by extremely professional guides of the hotel. The hotel plays an inspirational role in the famous novel “The Shining” by Stephen King.

An ideal destination to fulfil your next trip is a stay in the Stanley hotel, which is an hour from Denver and minutes away from Rocky Mountain National Park. This grand historical hotel which flavors classical glow over modern amenities is the perfect place for stay 7500 feet above sea level. The tour is just a phone call away at 970-577-4110.

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