Dog Sledding in Colorado

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Is dog sledding in Alaska on your bucket list? The Colorado Rockies have plenty of ski resorts that offer dog sled tours and rides for you to check that goal off your list.

Winter Park, Vail, Breckenridge, Copper Mountain and more mountains offer dog sledding in Colorado at an average cost of $70 per adult for a one-hour tour. A team of 8-12 Siberian Huskies is ready to pull you on a 5-mile journey through the Colorado Rockies.

It is recommended that you dress in layers as well as bring sunscreen and a camera to record your Iditarod adventures. Each guest will have a chance to drive the sleigh on a turn-by-turn basis.

All huskies have been trained and as a breed, they love to run and pull sleds. They are a strong working dog that has the ability to manipulate their metabolism for optimum endurance during cross-country treks and thick coats that laugh at cold weather. Their love for exploring and adventures make them the perfect dog for dog sledding.

If you can’t wait until winter to try out dog sledding in Colorado snow, some places offer summer dog carts for a less snowy but more warm trip. You may even choose to be pulled by bike.

If any of you end up falling in love with a Colorado Siberian Husky during your trip, Snow Cap Sled Dogs has retired sled dogs available for adoption. However, keep in mind that this is a working breed that requires lots of exercise and may become destructive or escape often if not properly stimulated.

Otherwise, get your gear ready to head to the Rocky Mountains in Colorado and yell “Mush!”

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