Cave of the Winds, Colorado’s Natural Wonder

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Hidden within Colorado’s gorgeous natural attractions, the Cave of the Winds is considered a jewel. A visit in this cave would make anyone’s jaw drop because of its wonder. Millions have been astonished with the unreal experience that this cave offers. It is truly a unique experience combining an adventure of a lifetime and a greater appreciation of nature’s creation with its geology. It is located within scenic hills overlooking the historical Manitou Springs, making it one of the most beautiful places to visit in Colorado.

Its stunning beauty already captivated many visitors for almost already a century and legends of Jicarilla Apaches believed that within the said cave resides the Great Spirit of the Wind. The Jicarilla Apache people migrated in Colorado around 1000 AD through Pike’s Peak.

The Pickett brothers John and George discovered these caves in the 1800’s thus starting its modern era. They actually just accidentally stumbled on the said caves while going on an exploration with a group of people from their church. They never imagined that their discovery would someday be one of the greatest tourist visited United States natural cave attraction.

Through the passing years more and more are visiting these caves. Some ride in horses, carriages, RV’s, cars or even by foot. But since its discovery by the Pickett brothers till now it is still considered one of the best and captivating natural attraction families around the world should visit. Every member of the family would never forget the enchanting underground experience that the Cave of the Winds offers.

A camera is a must to capture memorable views inside and out the Colorado caves. A large amount of curiosity is also needed and every visitor should be ready to be overwhelmed with emotions. Many jaws will drop and tears might even fall to see nature at its best.

To capture the total Cave of the Winds experience taking guided tours is highly advisable. Doing this will help ones visit to be complete and assures that important details of the caves will not be missed making each visit a truly magnificent and memorable one.

Three kinds of guided tours are available that specifically tours three different stories and sections of the caves. These guided tours will lead to historical events in the cave and would present unique stalactites and stalagmites formations that took almost 100 years to form. There is even an option to experience and step back in time how tours were done in the early years. This is by going on the Lantern tour with only the use of a simple lantern as light when exploring the interesting dark caves.

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