Top 5 Winter Sports in Colorado

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Colorado is a sports lover’s haven – especially those who adore winter sports. Coming to Colorado during the winter and not engaging in some sort of winter sport would be a shame! Here is the list of must-do winter sports in Colorado:


  1. Skiing – Of course skiing is first on the list. Colorado has so many world famous ski resorts that it may be difficult to choose the best one. Vail, Aspen, Winter Park/Mary Jane, Breckenridge, Steamboat Springs, Copper Mountain, Beaver Creek, and Keystone are among the most well known ski resorts in Colorado. Making your decision may require some research, but it will be well worth it! People from all around the world visit Colorado just for the skiing experience. If you’re a Colorado native, be sure to take advantage of this activity that is always in your own backyard!
  2. Ice fishing – There is an abundance of places to ice fish in Colorado. With all the lakes that are scattered throughout Colorado, there is sure to be at least one that strikes your fancy where you can camp out on the icy surface in the winter months. Rainbow trout are a popular reward when ice fishing in Colorado.
  3. Snowshoeing – A snowshoeing adventure across a snowy field or trail is an exciting way to enjoy a white Colorado winter. Snowshoeing can also be a fun family affair due to the fact that it is easy for beginners to catch onto. Many places throughout the foothills and Rockies are ideal spots to try your hand at snowshoeing.
  4. Ice Skating – While some are ice fishing, others may be ice skating on the other side of a Colorado lake. Lakes are frozen solid during the colder months in places like Evergreen and other mountain communities, so ice skaters flock to enjoy this winter wonderland before spring rolls around. Christmastime ice skating is a favorite activity in Colorado.
  5. Snowboarding – This sport is quickly surpassing skiing in popularity – especially among young men. Snowboarding is a cool way to enjoy the miracles of the slopes and the wonders of Colorado. Snowboarding requires more balance than skiing, so adequate practice and staying on trails within one’s skill level are important safety precautions. Beginners should avoid black diamond slopes!

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