The Red Bull Illume Comes to Denver

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The Red Bull Illume is the world’s best adventure and photography contest. The 2010 Red Bull Illume contest winner was Chris Burkard, who received a camera as the grand prize worth €30,000 along with other prizes. The contest features astonishing and larger than life photographs of different adventure sports from participants across the globe. The 50 finalists also received prizes form Scandisk.

The images were chosen after an extensive worldwide search of adventure photographs that capture sports like surfing, BMXing, skat boarding, BASE jumping, climbing, and motor and winter sports. The top 250 finalists’ images are available for purchase. You can also download the winning images from the official website. The spectacular display of photographs from different photographers leaves the audience awe struck and amazed at the talent and art display.

The Red Bull Illume has been exhibiting its final winning images around all 50 states. The next destination is Denver, Colorado. The Performing Arts Complex will display some amazing photographs from different photographers around Denver in June. The top 50 finalists’ images will be displayed on large backlit screens. The sports and adventure pro people will love the amazing display of images.

Photographers and sports enthusiasts can upload their images at the Red Bull Illume website to take part in the contest. All you need is inspiration, a camera and an eye for the right image. The entry to the red bull illume Denver exhibition is free for all Denver residents. It will be an amazing display of high quality sports and adventure images at the Performing Arts Complex in Denver.

Recent winners were awarded at a ceremony at Dublin, Ireland’s Trinity College. The winner, Chris Burkard, captured a photo of a surfer, surfing in high waves. Nathan Smith was chosen as a winner in the close up category; he took a close up image that was also of a surfer. In the new creativity category, Eric Berger was awarded as the winner, with the winning image being of a skateboarder. Vincend Peraud won in the culture category; the winning image was of mountain bikers together in a bus. The experimental category was won by Daniel Grund whose winning image was a 3D shot of an air race plane. All the photographers take a lot of risk and undertake a lot of courage to take such images.

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