Denver Roller Dolls

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The Denver Roller Dolls was founded in December 2005 by 20 intrepid skaters and is a flat-track roller derby league based in Denver.  They are a member of the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association.   The Bad Apples, the Green Barrettes, and the Shotgun Betties are the three home teams that comprise the Denver Roller Dolls league.  The league’s primary all-star team for inter-league competition is the Mile High Club.  The Mile High Club is composed of skaters from all three of the home teams.


In 2009, the Bruising Altitude, which is a second travel team for the up-and-coming stars, was founded.   These teams compete against other Women’s Flat Track Derby Association and non-Women’s Flat Track Derby Association all across the United States.



The rigorous training schedule includes very strict attendance requirements.  In addition, there are additional practices for all-star skaters and teams.  When you come into the program, all new skaters complete an intensive orientation and training program.  They may spend as long as 12 months training before they join a team.  At any given practice, a skater might complete strength, agility, cardio/endurance, or derby skills drills.  They practice four days a week on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays.


In addition to athletic pursuits, every member of the Denver Roller Dolls must engage in volunteer and community activities to remain in good standing with the league.


For those of you who have never had the opportunity to see a roller derby game or even know what it is, here is some inside information:  The definition of roller derby is an extreme race on eight wheels that is not choreographed.  The skaters have the unique chance to play both defense and offense simultaneously, with unabashed athleticism and dishing out bruises with every lap.


Every unique costume and colorful name covers a woman who has learned how to exhibit speed, endurance, agility, teamwork, and heart.  In addition to being a skater, she is also a community servant and an entrepreneur.  The Denver Roller Dolls is a completely skater-owned and operated non-profit organization.


If you are interested in becoming a Denver Roller Doll, just check their website to see when their next tryout is.  You do not have to have any Roller Derby experience, but you must have a great attitude and willpower and be over the age of 21.  At tryouts, the skills they will be looking for are speed, stopping, and crossovers.  The Denver Roller Dolls are looking for women who are eager to train, compete, and win alongside some of the most intriguing female athletes.


In regard to the unique roller derby names, they must be submitted to the International Roller Girl’s Master Roster to make sure they are unique within the entire roller derby universe.

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