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The is a follow up post to the original one about the Denver Big Air.

As one of the biggest events to happen in Denver, Colorado every year, the Denver Big Air is an international ski and snowboarding competition that attracts thousands. This competition lasts 2 days where many snowboarders and skiers from all around the world compete to win the first position and all the glory that comes with it. As this event is considered as one of the biggest events that Denver hosts, people from the US and beyond seem to like it and consider it a “can’t miss” event.

This year’s Big Air event took place at the Civic Center Park, a Denver park that has many institutions of arts, culture, and government. It is located south of the Central Business District just in front of the Denver City and County Building. It was a 2 day event; January 25th-26th were the days that the Denver Big Air event took place.

It has the largest and heaviest ramps made by man. According to Denver’s mayor, John Hickenlooper, this big competition will hopefully bring a cultural as well as an economic boost to Denver.

The other interesting thing is that Denver’s Big Air preceded the SnowShow that Las Vegas used to host. This “SnowSports Industry America’s annual exhibition” came to Denver in 2010 after 37 years of being hosted in Las Vegas. It will be on the same days of the ESPN’s annual X Games on January 27th-30th.

According to Denver Post, this year’s ramp (2011) was an astounding 101 feet high, 300 feet long and 80 feet wide. The other amazing thing is that it will face the City and County Building for a spectacular sight.

This year’s event was so amazing and mind blowing according to many spectators as well as participants. Tens of thousands of people came to watch this event and enjoyed the show. Many professional ski and snowboarding teams attended this event.

The Armada team consisting of Alex Bellemare, Spencer Milbocker, and Ben Moxham won the Denver Big Air against the Line Skis team (Joss Christensen, LJ Strenio, and Mitch Gilman) in the finals. Many people were amazed by their tricks,  such as the mind boggling Bellemare’s double cork 1260 blunt. The best trick prize went to John Spriggs for his amazing double cork 1260 mute trick, which many people have thought was the best trick ever witnessed at such an event.

This year’s Big Air was so amazing, if you watched it then you are probably in agreement. If you have not, then I advise you to attend next year.

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