Colorado Ski and Golf

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Colorado Ski and Golf (CSG) is a leading outlet for skiing, golf and snowboarding equipment. This one-stop shop offers the lowest prices in the country and provides excellent customer service and expert team who knows their products inside and out and who passionately pursues their sports. It offers a large inventory of the top products and brands for every interest and ability level.

CSG’s history dates back in 1983, when its founder Jerome Grady opened the first store offering used equipment from regional resorts. Currently, it represents the best experience in gear selection for golfers and skiers statewide, an experience mainly attributed to the people who continuously express their sense of dedication, consideration and loyalty. Acquired by the Garts in 1994, CSG has grown to reflect its history of talent, commitment to excellence and accomplishment. It now has four convenient locations in Arvada, Aurora, Colorado Springs and Littleton, making it a household name across the Front Range.

Colorado Ski and Golf offers performance guarantee to customers. If you are not satisfied after skiing on your new snowboard or skis, or golfing with your clubs up to five times, you can exchange them for a new one. You will also get your snowboard or skis mounted or tuned, and will be provided with golf services on the same day you bring in your gear.

CSG believes in getting children started young, thus it offers new and used packages at great prices intended to make riding, golfing and skiing affordable for any one. You can trade in your youngster’s equipment for large savings of up to 50 percent on a new package.

CSG offers a comprehensive line of services that will keep your gears finely tuned regardless of the season or sport. Ski services include tuning and repair performed by skilled technicians who use more than 100 variables to custom program Snowell machines for precision tuning. Its techs also practice sophisticated hand-repair techniques ensuring high-performance and consistent results. CSG also offers boot fitting, offering a custom foot assessment to determine the right boot for your ability level and specific needs. It also makes modifications and adjustments until your boots fit perfectly. New ski packages start at $199.99, while used ski packages are offered from $85.99.

Aside from offering clubs, balls and bags, Colorado Ski and Golf offers a complete range of professional services to make your golf experience better, thanks to its trained staff. CSG uses personalized, methodical approach to ensure that you get a set of clubs that meet your preferences and needs.

CSG also offers rental services. Snowboard package costs $18.99 (junior) and $28.99 (basic), with an additional $8 for helmets.

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