Beaver Creek Ski Resort

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The Beaver Creek Ski Resort is an excellent place for beginner skiers and expert skiers alike. It is one of the biggest ski resorts in the United States and is located in Colorado. It is run by Vail Resorts. It has 149 different ski runs in total and they have different levels or runs for each skill area. Beginner runs, intermediate runs, and expert runs are all potential runs for you to enjoy. Because it is one of USA’s biggest ski resorts, it is more aimed towards the intermediate/expert skiers.

Not only is the Beaver Creek Ski Resort a venue for the Alpine World Cup Skiing games, but it also offers visitors a number of other opportunities to enjoy at the Beaver Creek Resort other than skiing. Within the Beaver Creek area are restaurants for wining and dining, shopping, spas, nightlife activities such as live jazz and concerts, and more. Near the Beaver Creek Ski Resort is a host of other entertainment activities that you have to choose from.

The ski resort offers lessons to children and adults on the art of skiing and extending their ability to ski. Whatever your level of confidence or skill is, the lessons that the qualified ski coaches demonstrate is very flexible and they adjust to your abilities to ski and what level you’re most comfortable at. The ski instructors have a wide range of knowledge about skiing and judging your ability and potential ability to help you along the way. Not only can you book individually for yourself or someone else, but you can also book family skiing lessons, which provide many families with the opportunity to learn as a group at the Beaver Creek Ski Resort. This makes a great family vacation!

The ski resort has 1,815 acres of skiable area, which offers a huge amount of potential skiing area for you to take advantage of. The Beaver Creek Ski Resort has a lot of different runs as mentioned earlier and the Centennial Run is the most popular for many skiers at the resort because it is the longest course. It runs for over 2.75 miles!

It was in the 1980-1981 ski season that the Beaver Creek facility opened, along with a hotel to accommodate the new ski resort. However Harry Bass, who was the owner of the Beaver Creek Resort, was losing vast amounts of money and he sold the resort in 1985. A few years later in 1989, the ski resort hosted its first World Ski Championship and went on to do so again in 1999. Since then it’s been a regular ski venue for the Birds of Prey World Cup downhill ski race.

So if you are planning a vacation away and are a fan of skiing or want to pursue a new hobby involved with sport, then the Beaver Creek Ski Resort in Colorado is a great choice.


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