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Hitting the market on September 4th 2004, Altitude Sports and Entertainment is the most watched regional channel of the Rocky Mountain Region. It was launched to give the region the best of sports titbits to the region’s most passionate players. It broadcasts basketball, hockey, soccer, lacrosse, baseball, boxing, cycling and everything related to Denver area sports. This is the official network of the Denver Nuggets and Colorado Avalanche and is the first high definition (HD) sports channel in the entire Rocky Mountain Region. It is coordinated with ESPN and broadcasts Broncos,  Nuggets, and Avalanche  games as well as all other Rocky Mountain regional games.

Apart from being the sports buff channel of the region, there are other programs broadcast on Altitude. Cultural, political and entertainment programs are televised on the network.

In addition, Altitude supports and extends a helping hand to some of the great community developmental programs such as:

1.     Talk with War Heroes: The troops in the Iraq war were met personally by the director and received Altitude sponsored shirts, hats and other items to Altitude fans/troops living out of the country.

2.     Denver Rescue Mission: The rescue team of the networking staff provide shelter, food, clothing, education, teaching and discipline to the needy of Denver.

3.     Habitat for Humanity: This is a missionary which supports the homeless and aims at giving them a descent life style, making them one of the civilians.

4.     Meals on Wheels: This commission provides meals to all the elderly, disabled and impaired population of Denver.

5.     Ronald McDonald House: This is a charity which is under constant research to improve the lives and health of children and their families.

6.     Soldier Angels of Colorado: It is an organization paying tribute to all the brave men and women who lead their lives fighting for the country. Funds are raised and sent to their homes to support them through their mishaps.

7.     Voices Home Project: It is an effort to bring Colorado’s guards of their homes to their loved ones by donating to their families.

8.     Warren Village Housing Facility: This is for the single parent, low income families or those who have been deserted. These people are assisted by providing assistance to make them economically and socially sustainable. It is for those who have lost their homes, have been stranded from the society, and wish to remerge with society.

Apart from being the largest of networking agencies in Colorado, Altitude has an agile and worthy broadcast team that is passionate about sports and has 150 years of combined expertise. They are those who have received Olympic medals and are champions of the NFL. A few of the Altitude personalities are Julie Browman, Brain Engblom, Mark Rycroft and many others.

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