2010 Triple Bypass – Hardest Century in the Country (so far)

admin July 11, 2010 0

Another year, another great Triple Bypass. The Triple Bypass is an annual ride from Bergen Park, Colorado to Avon, Colorado. 2010 was the 22nd running of the ride.

120 miles, 10,000 feet of climbing, three (actually four passes, Squaw and Juniper, but I think one is a few feet to low to be counted), and an average elevation of ~9500 feet. I have to say I think it’s the elevation that makes this so tough. I can handle the climbing but by the end of the day the lungs are just totally spent.

2010 brought a decent headwind all day, which for those of you familiar with the route only includes 4 miles headed east, those going up Loveland pass. I guess if you’re going to have a tail wind going up Loveland pass is the place to have it.

There was also a COLD rain on top of Vail pass. I think that was the coldest I have ever been. But the rain passed and it warmed up to be an absolutely perfect decent into Avon.

As always the Triple Bypass’ organization is incredible. With the exception that they never got back to me about advertising opportunities, aside from that, each ad station is top notch. To top it off the food at the finish line is by far the best of any long ride I’ve ever done.

Now is the “Triple” the hardest century around? The Deer Creek Challenge is giving it a run for its money. With 12,000+ feet of climbing it’s going to be a really tough ride. It’s definitely slightly lower elevation so that might help but 12k+ feet of climbing is brutal. We’ll see in a few weeks…..

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