Unique Finds at Colorado Thrift Stores

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Colorado thrift stores are an excellent place to furnish your home or buy unique clothes for cheap. Most thrift stores in the Denver area contribute to good causes such as Arc and Goodwill. Arc contributes to people with developmental disabilities and their families in Colorado. Goodwill provides employment opportunities to those who find obstacles in their paths to better lives. The Gospel Shelter for Women Thrift store contributes 100% of the proceeds to Liza’s place, a 6-month women’s shelter.

Other Denver thrift stores and consignment shops help in creating a market for gently used goods that can be recycled and reused by others. Thrift store shopping is good for the environment.

There are many treasures that are found in thrift stores. The prices are reasonable and it beats trying to look for garage sales every weekend. For those who like the vintage design in their homes, Denver thrift stores are definitely the first place that they should look.

Antique stores are also a fun place to look for home furnishings. Colorado has a handful of them, which include Antique Mall and Colorado Antique Gallery.

College students looking for cheap clothes and hipsters looking for unique styles tend to find what they are looking for at their local Colorado thrift stores. It is also a great place to piece together costumes or find pieces to reconstruct clothing.

Don’t forget that when you are cleaning out your home and are getting ready to throw everything in the garbage, you can actually donate your things to one of these local Colorado thrift stores instead of adding to landfills. As an added bonus you can also get a receipt as a tax write-off for your donation.

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