See You at the 16th Street Mall

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When you think of a place in Denver where you can find everything you need like retail stores, outdoor cafes, restaurants, bars, and shops, what comes to your mind? Right, it is in a mall. Every city has it. Denver has a unique one, known as the 16th Mall Street.

This mall is in downtown Denver, Colorado, lower downtown, or Lodo as locals call it. This pedestrian mall is lined with trees. Sparkling skyscrapers made of glasses as well as stores surround it. Fountains are everywhere and many plazas show various kinds of events and entertainment daily. As a matter of fact, street performing is prominent in the mall where singers and musicians line the mall seeking admirers and donations.

Several banks and insurance firms are near the mall. Stores, from left to right, offer different products and services.

If you want to tour around the mile-long mall, you can drive your own car (but you will have to park it because only buses, horse drawn carriages, pedicabs, and emergency vehicles are allowed to drive along the 16th St Mall), walk the entire distance, or you can take advantage of the Mall’s shuttle bus service, absolutely free everyday; anyone can ride on the bus. In fact, anyone and everyone frequents the 16th Street Mall, so do not be surprised if occasional drug dealers approach you. Yes, they are there with us.

Policemen are always on guard to keep 16th Street’s shady characters in check. Police are usually riding on a bike or motorcycle along 16th Street and they tend to be very approachable and kind. So do not hesitate to ask for help from them anytime you need it. Several security cameras are installed to help record and track peoples’ activities in case of emergency or unfavorable situations.

The 16th Street Mall was built in 1982 and conceived by the intelligent minds of Pei Cobb Freed and Partners. In the beginning, the mall ran from Market Street to Broadway only. In 2001, it was stretched to Wynkoop Street and extended to Union Station in 2002. Before its development, 16th Street was already a haven for businesses and shopping malls. Nowadays, the 16th Street Mall has become the heart of large-scale businesses and a beautiful place that attracts tourists locally and internationally.

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