Denver Pavilions

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The Denver Pavilions is a magnificent multipurpose retail complex in downtown Denver. It is located at 500 16th Street, along the historic 16th Street Mall, supplying many retail stores, entertainment options, and restaurants. It is one of a kind with four open air pavilions that have 3 story buildings on two blocks of expanded structures. The interior is another site to behold, one of its iconic features is the word “Denver” that has over the years been transformed to downtown Denver.


The Denver Pavilions is owned by the Gart Properties, LLC. It was purchased in July 2008 with the vision of sprucing up some parts of the pavilion that were below standards.

Visit the Denver Pavilions

The Pavilions has a variety of great attractions, plus super deals for Denver tourists and regular shoppers. These are some of the list of services and products available in the pavilion. For example, for shopping at Banana Republic you get 30% bonus discount for orders over $100.

The men’s collection at Forever 21 is fully loaded with men’s clothing as well as women’s clothing and has the latest collection of in season fashion for good prices.

Another highlight of the Denver Pavilions is the Barnes and Noble Bookstore. They have Wi-Fi e-reader called the Nook for sale at a good price.

The Pop Up Store stocks distinctive artist gifts with 70% of the order going back to the artist. They have a new location at the Denver pavilions at Nike Town still at the Denver Pavilions.

Talbots is another shop located at Denver Pavilions. They offer frequent discounts for shoppers.

Do you have sweet tooth? Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory has wide range of chocolate and other sweets including caramel apples and other very delicious collections of sweet goodies.

Miscellaneous Venues at the Denver Pavilions

At the Denver Pavilions, visitors are treated to 3 hours of Wi-Fi.

If you need to host an event, the Pavilions are always available for you.

Are you a film freak? The AMC Theatre at Denver Pavilions  has a wide range of films currently up for viewing example: Due Date, Megamind, For Colored Girls, Hereafter 2010, Red etc.

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