Walnut Brewery & Restaurant in Boulder

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For those who are already living in Boulder, Colorado, Walnut Brewery is like a home to them. For the past few years, this little restaurant and brewery has made a lot of customers happy, which has made them come back for more and more. Located in the heart of the city, with Boulder’s famous mountains in the backdrop, this brewpub, as it is famously known, is one of the most visited eateries in the entire city. The food is top of the line, the service is excellent and the customers are endless.

What keeps people coming back for more?

Walnut Brewery has a very wide menu. From mouth watering starters, to fresh salads, from juicy burgers and sandwiches, to amazing desserts, you name it and the brewpub has it. And don’t forget that they have the best beer in Boulder. They make it fresh and they make it delicious. Handpicking the hops from Yakima Valley and ensuring that they are brewed just right to give you the ultimate taste, you are sure to enjoy both the beer and the food at Walnut Brewery and Restaurant.

Every place has one person which has made it even more famous than it is on its own. This is the case with the brewpub’s Rodney Taylor. Hailing from Flint, Michigan, Rodney is one of the best brewmasters, not just in Boulder, but in the whole country. He has been awarded a silver medal in 2008 and a gold medal in 2010 for his amazing work in brewing.

Why should you go to Walnut Brewery?

Whether you are a resident of Boulder, CO or you are just visiting, or even just passing by, it is recommend that you stop by Walnut Brewery for a lunch and beer to get a true taste of what Boulder is all about.

Along with that, Walnut Brewery has a lot else to offer, with their regular visitor prizes, which range from a logo pint glass to a plaque and even gift cards for you to use the next time you are in town.

So, book a table for you and your family and friends, and you will enjoy the best food for less than $30. Would you dare miss that? Visit the Walnut Brewery and Restaurant in Boulder for the beer tasting experience of a lifetime.

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