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Mizuna is a top rated restaurant in Denver and in the western part of the United States. Situated at 225 East 7th Avenue in Denver, this cozy neighborhood joint offers cover for the largest food laboratory in the state of Colorado, providing chefs with the freedom to experiment and explore the best seasonal ingredients.

The restaurant can conveniently accommodate 53 people and features contemporary French cuisine. Diners can choose from its rich menu, from cocktail, dinner, dessert and wine with prices ranging between $31 and $50. It offers unusual dishes like green-tea poached sea bass, and cheese and macaroni with chunks of lobster smothered in mascarpone sauce. Other dishes are rack of Colorado lamb and grilled beef tenderloin. For dessert, it serves raisin and carrot griddle cakes topped with syrup and rum ice cream.

With its soft yellow dining room, artwork and linen-draped tables, the small restaurant feels comfortable and spacious. Mizuna is a special place for critics and food lovers alike. In fact, it has been recently named as “Best Special Occasion Dining” by Citysearch. It is a place where service is exemplary and understated. It is a culinary think-tank, a food laboratory, as well as an artist’s studio.

Mizuna is shaped by its people: valets who cordially greet diners, talented and creative chefs, and friendly servers. Owned by Frank Bonanno, also the owner of Luca D’Italia, Mizuna aims to give diners an amazing dining experience.

Mizuna is the place where chefs have creative berth. Each member of the team has a say on the menu, which changes every month. Each chef can order whatever ingredients that seem ideal to his station, resulting in an exciting marriage between epicuria and science. Chefs test versions of previous recipes, try new combination of food and search through an assortment of ingredients to find the most savory, sweetest and freshest elements. These contribute in creating an environment where talented cooks can broaden their understanding of both exotic and local ingredients and stretch the boundaries of their palates. The owner’s own technique and gifted palate serve as mentoring tools in the kitchen, which help produce remarkable foods that are well prepared and served.

Another important person at Mizuna is executive chef Tony Clement. At Mizuna, he commands his own team, source his own products and improve his skills. Bar Director Lynn Whittum also plays an integral role in the restaurant, shaping its wine list.

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