Enchanting Denver Restaurant: Beatrice and Woodsley

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Beatrice & Woodsley is a Denver restaurant that is often compared to a fairytale. Located in the Baker and Washington Park West neighborhoods in Denver, Beatrice & Woodsley is known for their “Small Plates, Big Wine.” The food is similar to tapas and their drink menu is as long as their food menu.

Customers learn of the romantic tale of Beatrice & Woodsley, a pair of lovebirds based in Colorado, which is the inspiration for the design of the Denver restaurant as well as the name. Some are transported into a scene out of Lord of the Rings or Alice in Wonderland.

The food has creative presentation and many boast about the quality of the flavor. Prices are middle of line so if money is an issue, there are plenty of times and occasions to try out the food and drinks at different prices. Many visit for brunch, tea, dinner, cocktails and special occasions.

Reservations are recommended at this Denver restaurant. For more information visit http://www.beatriceandwoodsley.com

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