University of Northern Colorado

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Located on 2045 10th Avenue Greeley, the University of Northern Colorado brings education closer to you and gives you the opportunity to fulfill your dream of becoming a man of success. The UNC it is famous for its success in helping students to become important professionals and respected thinkers. Founded in 1889, the University of Northern Colorado has, nowadays, over 100 undergraduate programs and more than 100 graduate ones.

University of Northern Colorado is more than just a simple place in which you can study, it is a place in which you get the great chance of taking part to some of the most important events about educational concerns, and not only. Having over 100 clubs and organizations, it will be much easier for you to connect with people who have the same interests as you have.

The whole college experience is going to be a great one for you, because the UNC has an Office of Student Engagement which supports and encourages students to learn, by providing them programs that develop students’ ethical, academic, cultural, social and intellectual progress. Attending classes and studying is the portal to all the activities of the UNC students’ community. Moreover, getting good grades is a rewarding effort, both intellectual and material ways.

The University of Northern Colorado has an Office of Student Activities, which offers you the possibility to get involved, along other students, in different actions at Northern Colorado. Moreover, it is a chance for you to make friends and to find your place in one or more of the organizations, such as cultural, academic, sports, and religious organizations.

Being a student at UNC gives you the opportunity to get involved in different forms of organizations and to benefit from their programs, such as Student Senate, University Council Program, National Student Exchange or Greek Life.

The Student Senate is representing your needs, through a whole board of students, who are doing their best in order to accomplish the requirements of a lovely college experience. Students’ activities take place in the University Center, located on the campus of the University of Northern Colorado.

University of Northern Colorado’s mission is to train students’ abilities in a pleasant atmosphere and to provide learning on purpose, through all the activities and events to which as a student of the UNC you can take part. UNC is a remarkable place to develop your skills and talents in order to achieve a great career and to fulfill personally and professionally.

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