University of Colorado Boulder Alumni Association

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The Alumni Association aims to encourage all members of the University community, alumni, students and friends to contribute to, engage with, and celebrate the University of Colorado at Boulder. It provides services and programs that stimulate interest in, increase support for, and build loyalty for the University of Colorado among its students and alumni. Its services and programs support an environment that encourages cultural, ethnic and gender diversity.

The Alumni Association of the University of Colorado at Boulder was formed in 1882 by CU graduates after the first commencement of the university. The first alumni recognized that there is a need for a constant involvement with the University and outlined their objectives for the organization. The group initially held one annual meeting with a featured speaker, and soon offered a range of activities. The organization then founded chapters, held class reunions, welcomed women as members, initiated alumni publications and formed alumni programs.

Currently, the Alumni Association serves more than 250,000 alumni worldwide. Headquartered in the Koenig Alumni Center at the corner of University Avenues and Broadway, the association administers alumni chapters, awards, scholarships, online networking opportunities, campus lectures, as well as publishes the Coloradan, its quarterly alumni magazine, and Buffalum Notes, its monthly electronic newsletter.

In 2008, the association launched its Forever Buffs initiative; it discontinued its membership dues program and welcomed all 24,000 undergraduates and 240,000 alumni to a lifetime of services. Forever Buffs works toward creating stronger social and professional networks, promote a stronger sense of CU pride and develop a culture of service and giving.

Students are given access to scholarships sponsored by the association, internship, invites to events, job possibilities and opportunities to ask alumni for advice personally and through its alumni-student online community, the Forever Buffs Network.

The Alumni Association has over 6,000 student members in its fee-based student arm, The Herd, providing students with connections and memories with others through various events.

The Alumni Association of the University of Colorado at Boulder holds various events, such as the Annual Alumni Association Awards, honoring outstanding alumni with the Norlin Award, Leanne Skupa-Lee Award, the Alumni Recognition Award, the Robert L. Stearns Award, the Forever Buffs Student Award and the Kalpana Chawla Outstanding Recent Graduate Award.

The association sponsors the Spring 2011 Tree Walk, happening on May 17 or 18. After this free event, a reception at the CU Heritage Center – the history museum of the university – will follow. Other sponsors of the event are CU Heritage Center, CU Facilities Management and CU Museum of Natural History.

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