United States Air Force Academy

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The Air Force Academy was created by President Eisenhower in 1954 in order to train and prepare officers for air service.  The site in Colorado was chosen over 580 other sites in 45 states.  The first class was sworn into service on July 11,1955.

Air Force Academy graduates earn a 4 year degree in addition to a commission as a second lieutenant in the Air Force.  Cadets or students at the United States Air Force Academy learn about classes which will help them in their military career including computer science, economics, military history, astronautics, law, and political science.  The educational classes include science, engineering, social sciences and humanities.  About 60 percent of the cadets complete majors in science and engineering.

Cadets are taught by about 600 faculty members, almost all of whom are Air Force officers.  Each member of the faculty holds at least a master’s degree and some have doctorate degrees.  However, faculty are entrusted with not only teaching students, but also with developing their character and leadership potential.

Cadets first attend basic cadet training and then continue on for four years.  As cadets advance, they are given leadership roles and expected to take as many leadership roles as possible to prepare them to be Air Force officers.  Cadets are taught military fundamentals like drill, ethics, honor, heritage and physical training.  All of these fundamentals are honed in during the first summer of education with basic cadet training.

The Air Force Academy also offers courses in important skills like flying, navigation, soaring and parachuting.  Cadets can fly light aircraft with the Cadet Flying Team, but they need to enroll in a basic aviation course to learn flight training.  Students that have been chosen for pilot training will enroll in a flight screening program.

During the second summer, cadets learn combat survival.   After that cadets are offered leadership training and become supervisors or instructors in summer programs and teach basic cadet training, survival training and other skills.

Cadets must first be nominated to attend the Air Force Academy.  Nominations to the academy can be obtained by either getting a congressional sponsor or by meeting eligibility criteria.  For more information, go to the website at http://www.usafa.af.mil.  You can also get answers to your questions about the academy  here http://www.af.mil/questions/ or by using the contact for at http://www.af.mil/main/contactus.asp

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