The Tallest Buildings In Denver

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The city of Denver, Colorado is a fascinating blend of old Western heritage and a modern, dynamic way of life. The energy and the entrepreneurial spirit of the residents of the Mile High City is apparent when you travel to Denver and the area of the city which is the most vibrant is the city’s skyscraper filled city center.

The skyscrapers of Denver host many of the city’s top companies, world class hotels, convention centers, federal and state government and administrative buildings. The first skyscrapers were built in Denver at the beginning of the 20th century. As the city evolved, the need for real commercial estate space prompted various entrepreneurs to build ever taller buildings. The first high rising building from the Mile High City was the Equitable Building completed in 1892, at a height of 143 feet. Nevertheless the city’s first genuine skyscraper is considered to be the 371 feet Daniels & Fisher Tower completed in 1910.

Over the years more and more towers filled the central areas of the city. An especially prolific period for high rise buildings, the 1970s – 1980s economic boom witnessed the construction of 21 of the 27 tallest skyscrapers from Denver. The most prominent among them, the Republic Plaza, still stands today as the tallest building in the capital of Colorado, at 714 feet or 218 meters. Another construction dating from the mid 80’s, the 1801 California Street Building, commonly known after its main tenant as the Qwest Tower, has held the height record for a year, until the completion of the Republic Plaza. When measured in absolute terms, the pinnacle of this building is actually the highest point in Denver, due to the natural elevation of the area where is built.

One of the most distinctive skyscrapers of the city is the Wells Fargo Center, which sports a unique crown on the top. This crown confers the building a resemblance with a cash register, which gave it the nickname used by the residents of Denver. The most recent skyscraper from Denver is the Hyatt Regency Denver at the Colorado Convention Centers which stands at 489 feet or almost 150 meters. Presently, there are two more high rise buildings due for completion in the Mile High City and three are in a proposal stage. Statistics show that the tallest building in Denver, the Republic Plaza is the 109th tallest building in the United States. A total of six completed buildings stand above 500 feet and from the top 30 tallest constructions in the state of Colorado, Denver is home for 29 of them. The summed height of its tallest skyscrapers makes Denver the city with the second highest skyline in the Mountain State area, being surpassed only by Las Vegas.

Although Denver lacks an architectural landmark to symbolize the city, like the Empire State Building does for New York, there is a natural landmark that makes the skyline of the Mile High City instantly recognizable – the majestic snowcapped Rockies gleaming on the horizon.

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