Teachers, Plan Your Next Field Trip at DMNS

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The Denver Museum of Nature & Science offers a variety of exhibitions, activities, and programs and it is the Rocky Mountain region’s resource for informal science education.  While at the museum you have many exhibitions to visit, an IMAX theatre, and a planetarium.  It is an all-in-one inclusive science adventure and learning experience for students and teachers alike.

Some of the exhibits that you can see while at the museum are the Real Pirates exhibit where you will learn the untold story of the Whydah ship as it went from slave ship to pirate ship.  There is also the Discovery Zone where you can build with blocks, dance to music from around the world, dig for dinosaur bones and experiment with air and so much more.  You can also learn about Egyptian Mummies, gems and minerals, learn about your body, learn about prehistoric things right up to the space odyssey and so much more.It is a field trip that any student in any grade would enjoy being a part of as they have interesting things for all ages.

At the IMAX theatre you can see such 3D and 2D films about orphaned orangutans and elephants, the conquest of Everest, and Under the Sea.

At the Planetarium you take a journey to the stars and learn about the Black Holes.  When you take your class on a field trip to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science it can be arranged for the class to participate in classes and labs where they use the hands on approach to learn about science.  Students can even participate in an overnight camp in at the museum.

And if you cannot make it to the museum, the museum can come to your school with the labs, classes, and virtual classes, all giving the students hands on experience with science.

When they come to the school, they also can do an assembly where large groups of students get to engage in the same topic at the same time.  They will also get a chance to interact with the presenters in fun education activities.  The assemblies can be about taking a trip through our solar system, learn with it takes to be an astronaut, learn about ancient Egypt and so much more.

Either taking your class on a field trip to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science or having the experience come to your school is a field trip that will give the students life long memories.

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