Symbols of Denver

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Every city, state, and country has its own unique symbols so that it can be distinguished from all the other places. These symbols are also a sign of pride and zeal for the locals, who can have their identity traced through these symbols and be remembered for a long time to come. Similar is the case for Denver, Colorado. The city also has quite a few symbols, which make its people proud. Let’s give these symbols a brief look.


The local City of Denver flag was made official almost a century ago, on June 5th, as an idea from Andrew Carlisle. The white color was used to portray the mountains, which are always covered with snow. The blue color shows the bright and shiny skies; the red is used for the soil, and the gold color symbolizes the Sun, shining upon the city.

Symbols for animals:

Bird: the symbolic bird for the city is Lark Bunting.

Animal: the Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep has this honor to its name.

Insect: topping this category is the Colorado Hairstreak Butterfly.

Fish: the Greenback Cutthroat Trout is considered a famous symbol for the city.

Fossil: Stegosaurus is the ancestral symbol of Denver.

Plant symbols:

Flower: Denver’s symbolic flower is the Rocky Mountain Columbine.

Tree: Colorado Blue Spruce is the leader amongst all local trees.

Grass: the official grass symbol for Denver is Blue Grama.

Symbolic Earth marks:

Gemstone: Aquamarine is the local symbolic stone.

Soil: Denver’s’ Seitz soils is its landmark.

Mineral: Rhodochrosite is taken to be an important symbol in Denver.

Rock: Yule Marble is the official symbol.


Dance: the Square Dance is a famous creation of Denver.

Song: Sang by A. J. Flynn, “Where the Columbines Grow” is Denver’s official song. Another song is also used as the state song, which is “Rocky Mountain High” by the legendary John Denver, who was a local and the son of a famous Air Force pilot from Denver.


Denver’s official motto is “Nil sine Numine” which can be translated to “Nothing without Providence.”

The symbols for every city and state matter a lot, especially when it comes to showing them off to the tourists. This is because, when people come to visit a new place, they want to see things that are just famous for that place in particular, so that it will give them a sense of something unique to that place.

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