State Songs of Colorado

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The United States of America has 50 states and 48 states and of course, Washington D.C, are located in the central part of North America, with Alaska to the northwest and Hawaii to the southwest. Each of the 48 states has a state song or more than one song. The state governor or legislature will select the state song and it is considered like a symbol for each state. The state New Jersey does not have a state song. Some states that have more than one state song, call each song by a different name. For instance, the state Arkansas has 2 state songs. Along with this there is a state anthem and another song describing the history of the state.

The main state songs of Colorado include the following – “Where the Columbines Grow” and “Rocky Mountain High.” The lyrics of the song “Rocky Mountain High” was written by John Denver and the music of this song was composed by John Denver along with Mike Taylor.  There is large time gap between the years when these songs were adopted.

The first song was adopted in the year 1915 and after many years, the latter song was adopted in 2007. “Where the Columbines Grow” was written by A.J. Fynn and he was also the composer of the song. The state legislature had the thought of replacing the song “Where the Columbines Grow” with “Rocky Mountain High.” There was also one more song up for consideration called “Colorado.” This was a rare song by Merle Haggard. Thus in 2007, instead of replacing the song with “Rocky Mountain High,” it was simply added as a second state song officially.

The genre of “Rocky Mountain High” is a combination of folk and rock. This song has great popularity as it reached number three in the top 100 list of songs and it took the writer around nine months to complete the lyrics of this song. The name Rocky Mountain High was given as this song talks about the beauty of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado and also on the exploitation of these mountains by anthropogenic elements – especially the impact of tourism. The term ‘high’ is used to denote the peacefulness or serenity that one experiences at the great heights of these mountains.

States like Arizona have two state songs as well. Initially, there was one state song in 1981 and later in 1982 one more song was adopted as the state song. If one asks about the state songs in United States of America, one can talk for hour on the different varieties of songs present for each state. Some of the notable songs include the following: “Old Folks at Home,” “You are My Sunshine,” “Home on the Range,” “Georgia on My Mind,” “Missouri Waltz,” “Tennessee Waltz,” and so on.

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