Regis University

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Regis University is a co-educational, private Roman Catholic University founded in 1877 by the Society of Jesus.  It is divided into three colleges, which include The Rueckert-Hartman College for Heath Professions, Regis College, and the College for Professional Studies.  The college was started by a group of exiled Italian Jesuits and was originally called Las Vegas College.


This university is a small undergraduate/graduate selective liberal arts school, which is located on the Lowell Campus in northwest Denver.  Within the university, many of the students participate in service learning activities.


Regis College

At this college, you will find the traditional undergraduate programs in addition to the Master’s of Science in Biomedical Sciences and the Master’s of Art in Education programs.  These students have little to no professional work experience and are either transfer students or recent high school graduates.  Students who wish to enter the pharmacy, nursing, or physical therapy programs, choose this college to complete pre-requisite requirements.


Rueckert-Hartman College for Health Professions

This college operates two nationally recognized programs which are a physical therapist program and a nursing program.  Within this college there are three schools, two departments, and three doctoral programs.  Currently there are more than 2,300 students in these various programs:

  • School of Pharmacy
  • School of Physical Therapy
  • Loretto Heights School of Nursing
  • Department of Health Services Administration
  • Department of Health Care Ethics
  • Doctor of Nursing Practice (all online)
  • Doctor of Pharmacy
  • Doctor of Physical Therapy


The programs at this college are structured in a variety of formats such as traditional day schedules, online, every-other weekend, and one-evening-per-week schedules.


College for Professional Studies

This college’s mission is to provide higher education for working professionals and currently serves over 13,000 adult students worldwide.  These students are offered classroom-based mixed media and online course formats.  This college consists of four schools, which offer Graduate and Undergraduate certificates to help upgrade your skills or pursue a Master’s degree or Bachelor’s degree.

  • The School of Humanities and Social Service
  • The School of Management
  • The School of Education and Counseling
  • The School of Computer and Information Science


If you decide to attend Regis University, you will have many programs to choose from such as health sciences, business, education, and liberal arts.  Once you have decided which program you wish to pursue, then you can choose from 28 structured areas of study.  If you do not find an area of study that you would like to follow, you can design your own program.  The college has flexible and interdisciplinary major plans.  To make sure that the student has personal attention from the faculty, classroom sizes are small.  They want to make sure you are an active participant in your education.

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